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    Wyandotte County Kansas

    Wyandotte County is situated in the northeast part of Kansas. The county’s
    population as of 2010 was 157,505 according to census. It is the county seat
    and the most densely inhabited city in Kansas
    . The
    county was organized in 1855 and the county was named after the Wyandot
    (Wyandott or Wyandotte)
    Indian tribe.

    The City with more than 157,000 residents is comprised of Kansas City, Kansas,
    Bonner Springs and Edwardsville. Wyandotte
    is warmly known as
    “the Dot” with three cities of excellent hospitality. Visitors and guests have
    stated that they’ve never meet a more approachable and distinct community of
    people as those who term this place home. Kansas
    , Kansas

    commemorates its diverse cultures for more than 30 annual ethnic feasts such as
    Polski Day and Cinco de Mayo. Wyandotte Country’s tons of attractions like
    Kansas Speedway, Cabela’s, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Renaissance Festival
    and Hall of Fame offer the families and visitors a experience of a life time.

    If you are looking for a place to be entertained, you’ve come to
    the perfect spot.

    Incorporated Cities of Wyandotte

            7,069 (2007)

    Edwardsville             4,463


    Lake Quivira              935 (quarter of the city lies in Wyandotte County)