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Prairie Village Kansas

Quick Facts:

Population: 21,447 (2010)

Where to go: Homestead
Country Club, Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club

Prairie Village is a fully prospered
suburban city in Johnson
. The city takes
advantage from the growth and success of the county as well as the region.
Commercial real estate in Prairie Village
composes of five neighborhood shopping metropolis and several small office
buildings. The shopping centers offer the City with a constant retail base that
consists of grocery stores and some hardware store and even boutiques for
visitors and residents in the city.

Real estate values in the City stayed strong through the years for it is central
location and a “small community” environment. For over five years, Prairie Village major
renovation projects have amplified yearly as property owners reinvest in their
homes and businesses. During the recent years, the City encountered various
residential redevelopment plans in which existing properties are razed and
altered with larger, latest structures with considerably higher property value.

In fact, in May 21st of 2007, the Prairie Village City Council embraced the
Village Vision Strategic Investment Plan as the Prairie Village‘s Comprehensive Plan.
Recommendation consists of the following:

Update zoning and
building codes to promote home renovation.

Introduce mixed-use

Replenish 75th Street into a

Strengthen out small,
independent ventures.

Discover the future
development of Corinth Square.