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    Osawatomie Kansas


    4,447 (2010)

    Code: 66064

    to go: John Brown Statue and Osawatomie Golf Course

    Osawatomie is cited in the rolling hills of eastern Kansas on the
    Marais des Cygnes River. The city is a fantastic place to live, work and raise
    a family. The city has an excellent quality of life with excellent schools,
    great public service and easy access to the entire metro area.

    The city is the only town by the name in the United States and
    perhaps in the world. The city was named in honour of two Indian tribes, the
    Osage and the Pottawatomie where two rivers bordering Osawatomie were named.

    The town of Osawatomie proffers a museum and driving tour for
    learning of its history and variety of opportunities for recreation. There is
    an 18-hole golf course and the Osawatomie City Lake for fishing. The Karl Cole
    Sports in Osawatomie is utilized for athletic events like softball, baseball
    and youth football.