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    Mission Hills Kansas

    Quick Facts:

    Population: 9,727 (2000)

    Zip code: 66201-66202-66205-66222

    Where to go: Indian Hills Country Club & Kansas City
    Country Club

    The City of Mission Hills is situated in Northeast
    Johnson County
    and was conceived in 1912 by urban planner J.C. Nichols, who established the
    famous County Club
    Plaza district in Kansas

    First-time guests to Mission Hills can’t help noticing our statues,
    sculptures and fountains. The sceneries are hundreds of years old and some are
    museum artifacts imported from abroad. You’ll see them beautifying our traffic
    islands and in the roadsides. This is Mission Hills. America‘s first and foremost garden

    Mission Hills has stayed true to its original plan to be America‘s
    premier garden community.  The city is a
    wooden hill, charming valley and winding streams that creates a natural backdrop
    of one of the most amazing American suburbs. Three golf courses offer a wide
    variety of activities for families and visitors with stunning landscaped

    A niche as beautiful as Mission Hills is hard to leave. However younger
    residents who were lucky enough to live and grow up in the city to create their
    own way in the world, many will come back when they reach 30’s to settle down permanently
    and raise a family here. The city is an ideal site for which to grow up and
    moving in.