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Miami County Kansas

County was organized in 1855 under the name of Lykins, the county seat of the
City is Paola. The city was named in honour of Dr. David Lykins, who was then a
missionary among the Miamis. Dr. Lykins was a member of the first Territorial
Council. Name changed in 1861 to Miami, after the tribe of Indians.

The city was situated just south of the Kansas City Metro
area. The city has rich in significant history, serene and laid back in today’s
world, yet pensive of a past that presents the very struggle of our great
nation with the blood, tears and sweats of many generations and their journey
for a peaceful future.

The City’s location permits it to present citizens and
guests both city and rural way of life. Miami County and cities Paola, Louisburg,
Spring Hill, Osawatomie and Fontana serve tons of activities and hobbies for
families and visitors. Amongst them are golf, hiking, riding, fishing, water
sports, and community festivals throughout the year.

During spring of the every year, Miami
County various farms and farm ventures partake in the Miami County Farm Tour. Public
is invited to participate and come to each farm with their families and be part
of a free self-guided driving tour. The main objective of the tour is to educate
the public about the operation, production of animals in each farm stop.