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    Louisburg Kansas


    2,576 (2000)

    Code: 66053

    to go: Louisburg Cider Mill, Powell Observatory, Rutlader Outpost & Cedar
    Cive – Feline Conservatory

    The land Louisburg sits on was originally
    a portion of the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803. The city has Wooded
    hills, streams, and grassland are the Confederated Tribes of Wea, Peoria,  Kaskaskia and Piankishaw Indians establish
    arriving in this area about 1827.

    The Missouri Kansas Texas railroads
    create confusion with St. Louis, Missouri and the name was altered in 1871 or
    1872 to Louisburg. There was a considerable amount of disorder in Louisburg
    during this time because it was a so called boom-town and there were existing
    conflicts between Kansas Jayhawkers and Missouri Raiders.

    The city’s schools have received some of
    the highest academic standings in the states and recreational activities for
    the families and guest. Affordability in housing has never been better and
    depending upon the desire of a multitude of housing choices even upscale
    subdivisions and town homes.

    Louisburg residents make the 20-minute
    commute to the Kansas City Metro Area for work, however prefer the small-town
    atmosphere for living and raising the families. The Louisburg Chamber of
    commerce, community ventures, schools and churches gathered together and
    provide a large variety of indoor and outdoor activities annually. Visitors and
    residents attended the events and even nearby communities. Experience the
    friendliest people you will ever meet in Louisburg, Kansas.