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Franklin County Kansas

Franklin County is a county
situated in East Central Kansas. The county’s population in 2010 was 25,992
according to 2010 census. Ottawa was the county
seat and the most populous city in Franklin

The county was instituted in 1855 and
named in honor of the renowned Benjamin Franklin. The County’s growth was
greatly influenced by the Indian tribe nativ

es as well as those in the county
by government treaties.

The transformation of Franklin County
government reflects the development attitudes of Franklin county citizens and over 150 years
of effectively guiding the County into the future. To add up, the county
supports a number of 

allied organizations in order to convey better service
towards the community.

Supported services includes Franklin
County Mental Health Clinic offering exceptional services to adults and younger
ones; facilities and services offer for the elderly, and facilities reflecting
the values  of caring community and
Ransom Memorial Hospital  which is the
top 100 community hospitals in the country.

Franklin County’s mission
is to foster an improved living and working environment by offering the
community with valuable, desired and indispensable public services in a
professional and courteous responsible manner.

Ottawa, Kansas

Quick Facts

12,649 (2010)

code: 66067

to go: Old Depot
Museum & Ottawa Municipal Auditorium

Ottawa was included in 1866 and in 1867 agreed
to be a city of the second class under the standards established by the State
of Kansas. In
the same year, the bridge company was created and created a suspension bridge
across the Marais des Cygnes
at Main Street in

The City operates as a retail and agricultural trading center
involving some 73,500 people. The City’s trade and commerce includes
manufacturers of plastic kennel products, air filtration units, steel
fabrication components, steel aircrafts components, cabinets and equipment in
restaurants, and two regional distribution services.

Ottawa is home of the Ottawa University, a privates institution of
four-year liberal arts college that supplies various cultural events for the
citizens of Ottawa and also aiming the best higher education services in the
Franklin County. In 1919, the

 municipal auditorium is erected at the corner of
Third and Hickory.

The City is a developing community of roughly 13,000 that has
become a well-liked destination for day trips and for exhausted travelers
searching for a convenient stop outside the metro area with less noise and traffic.
Visit Ottawa!

Pomona, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 923 (2000)

Zip code: 66076

Where to go: Pomona Lake, Michigan Valley Park & Pomona State

Pomona is a third class city of 952 citizens sited in northwestern Franklin
County, Kansas just about 10 minutes 

to Ottawa
and 50 minutes to the Kansas City
metro area. The Population of the city has been comparatively stable over the
past 30 years. Pomona
offers great
boating, swimming, sailing, jet skiing and sail boarding for families and
visitors. Pomona Lake provides great boating, water skiing, swimming,
sailing, jet skiing and sail boarding.

Wellsville, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 1,606 (2000)

Zip code: 66092

Where to go: Christine’s
Garden & Kofo Radio

is a city in the heart of the nation. The City is just an hour from Kansas City that presents
both simple small town ambiance and easy access to the city. With a
concentration on Midwest values and small town
appeal, Wellsville proffers 

visitors and residents everything you need to raise
family and begin a business.


Quick Facts

Population: 510 (2000)

Zip code: 66080

Where to go: Virginia Museum
of Fine Arts, Edgar Allen Poe Museum & Paramount’s Kings Dominion

Richmond is a city
in Franklin County, Kansas City metro. The community was named in honor of John
C. Richmond who gave land to the railroad. The City has a total land area of
0.3 square miles.

Williamsburg, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 397 (2010)

Zip code: 66095

Where to go: Pome on the
Range Orchards and Homewood
RV Park and Campground

The city is in Franklin County, Kansas
and was named in lieu of William H. Scofield the landowner. In 2000 census, Williamsburg’s per capita
income was $ 10,451, compared to $21,587 nationally.

City’s average commute time for workers is 26 minutes, same with 26 minutes
nationwide. Williamburg, Kansas commemorates Jayhawker Days on June
and Pome on the Range Fall Festival on October.

Princeton, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 317 (2000)

Zip code: 66078

Where to go: Brand N Iron Bar
& Grill

belongs in the Franklin County and community was termed for Princeton, IL.
In terms of housing, the average rent in the city was $346 as of 2000 census.
For monthly homeowner costs with mortgage were $619. Almost 13% of Princeton people age 25 and older attained bachelor’s or
advanced college degree.

Lane, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 256 (2000)

Zip code: 66042

Where to go: Lane
Agricultural Fair

is in the city in Franklin
with a 258
residents in 2000. The community was named after James Henry Lane was then an army officer
and political leader.

city median rent was $325 in 2000 and Monthly homeowner costs including
mortgages $644. Come and visit Lane for its annual Lane Agricultural Fair that
happens in month of August.

Rantoul, Kansas

Quick Facts

Population: 241 (2000)

Zip code: 66079

Where to go:  Peckham’s
Pumpkin Patch

city is situated in Franklin County, Kansas with a total land area of 0.2
square miles. Rantoul was named after Senator
Robert Rantoul.

City’s 4% of Rantoul residents in the age of
25 and older have 
an advanced college degree or a bachelor’s degree.  Come and visit Peckham’s Pumpkin Patch and
pick your own pumpkins. The pumpkin patch will open during weekends from September
25 to Halloween. The patch offered big bale hay maze for kids and younger ones.