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    Excelsior Springs Missouri

    Quick Facts

    Population:  10,847 (2000)

    Zip code: 64024

    Where to
    go: Excelsior Springs Golf Course & Excelsior Springs Hist Museum

    Excelsior Springs, Missouri was established in 1880
    upon the spot of a mineral water spring after dwellers uncovered its medicinal
    benefits. In due course springs bubbling out four different varieties of water
    made Excelsior Springs the rightful claim of having the world’s greatest group
    of mineral waters. The mainly unusual quality of the renowned group lies in the
    fact that it contains two of the six worlds’s known iron-manganese springs.

    Excelsior Springs today is in regeneration stage to bright and exhilarating
    future. From the start, Excelsior Springs was a resort community that fascinates
    people from all walks of life for its unique mineral waters. But now, the place
    is facing a renaissance that has incorporated both its famous tourism appeal
    and planned commercial expansion. The city is rising a aster plan termed Vision
    2028 that has included all aspects of community growth and development as a
    road map into the future.

    Excelsior Springs nowadays is a sundry mix of people, places, environments
    and ventures, all within a sensible community boundary and a rational traveling
    distance to the greater Kansas City
    area, easing people from better business to business and labor market connections.
    Excelsior Springs has space, wide of facilities, landscapes and environments to
    present the quality of life needed to strive with other cities in the Kansas City area.

    New growth supplies additional shopping, dining and recreational
    activities for guests and visitors throughout the year. Come and visit
    Excelsior Springs and commemorate more than 125 years in offering excellent
    quality of life for tourists, residents and businesses.