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    Edwardsville Kansas


    4,463 (2007)

    66111, 66113

    to go: Kansas Speedway & Bash A Grams

    is among the area’s most affluent communities, offering an excellent balance of
    developments and firm but manageable growth. The City also benefits from upstanding
    school and public services. The City remained its image of a rural, small town
    atmosphere accessible to the resources tendered by a larger metro region.

    August 2000, the City seen more than $72 million in new venture which eventually
    created more than 1,000 new jobs. Edwardsville’s strategic location has generated
    an influx of industrial companies and other development.

    Edwardsville offers a dynamic Park and Recreation
    Advisory Board that controls the city’s park services. The city has two ball
    diamonds, shelter houses, sand volleyball court, and three soccer fields.

    One of the most attractive features of Edwardsville is
    the mixture of small town flavour. The City community flavour is apparent in
    activities like the well known September Autumnfest and parade. Evening Bingo,
    Crafts Festival and games to children, residents and visitors complete the day!