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    Edgerton Kansas

    Quick Facts:

    Population: 1,440 (2000)

     Zip code: 66021

    Where to go: Lanesfield
    School Historic Site

    The Edgerton residents today enjoy a small-town,
    rural setting in one fastest developing counties in the nation. The City of
    Edgerton is within reach from Highway 56 to the north and Interstate 35 two
    miles to the south. Once you visit Edgerton you will find charming older neighbourhoods
    and also various new housing in Johnson County.

    Edgerton will be an active cooperation in the
    global supply chain, permitting corporations to connect their products with
    customers. The development will include an estimate 7.1 million square feet of
    distribution centers and warehousing.

    Immovably anchored with rich historical roots,
    the “Southwest Corner Stone” of bustling Johnson County remains its
    small hometown character. Come experience Edgerton and spread the rich history
    and flourishing future growth.

    The City retains and operates various park
    facilities for citizen and visitors to enjoy. The parks are taken cared of by
    the Public Works Department and provide amenities like baseball and soccer
    fields, tennis courts and fishing lakes.