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    Douglas County Kansas

    Douglas County situated in North-eastern Kansas west of the Kansas City metro area, the County is the home of major Kansas universities such as University of Kansas.

    Douglas County was named after Stephen A. Douglas, Senator from Illinois and candidate for the presidency in 1860. In 1854, Senator Douglas took a leading part in protecting the adoption of the “popular sovereignty” principle in the Act organizing Kansas Territory, which presented the particular form of the concern involved in the Kansas struggle.

    The County was organized in 1855 and Lawrence is the County seat.  According to U.S Census of 2000, the County had 99,962 residents, 38,486 households and 21,167 families.

    Douglas County is the home for Clinton Lake that offers fishing, boating and other water sports and parks neighbouring the lake offers camping and trails for hiking, biking and even horseback riding.

    The County commemorates the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival from 2004 to 2008 in the month of June.

    Baldwin, Kansas

    Quick Facts

    Population: 3,400 (2000)

    Zip code: 66006

    Where to go: Train to Nowhere on the Midland Railway & Maple Leaf Festival.

    Baldwin City is in the Douglas County with rich history and a future of limitless chances.

    The City neighbours Baker University that was founded in 1858and the oldest four-year college in state of Kansas. The said University was listed on the National Register of Historic places. The National Registered 1906 Santa Fe Depot resides in the City which was the only remaining depot of Kansas’ first railroad south of the Kansas River.

    Experience the train to Nowhere on the Midland Railway in the City. The tour train now operates all the way to Norwood with plans for future extensions to Ottawa. It is an option for you to not ride, just visit the quiet and clean station.

    Baldwin commemorates October the fall beauty of maple trees with Maple Leaf Festival.

    Enjoy the City and discover what Baldwin City has to offer…

    Lawrence, Kansas

    Quick Facts

    Population: 87,643 (2010)

    Zip code: 66044, 66045, 66046, 66047, 66049

    Where to go: University of Kansas Natural History Museum & Phoenix Gallery

    Lawrence is the 6th largest city in the state of Kansas and is the county seat of Douglas County.

    Uncover the world of Lawrence. The sizzling history, the nationally recognized arts scene, the rich society that creates the City so unique, the splendour of the landscape and of course, the long-standing basketball tradition.

    Lawrence has been graded among the top 15 in “The 100 Best Small Arts Towns in America”.

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the City among its “Dozen Most Distinctive Destinations,” advertising it as one of the best-preserved and unique communities in America.

    Lecompton, Kansas

    Quick Facts

    Population: 608 (2000)

    Zip code: 66050

    Where to go: Constitution Hall, and Lane University & Territorial Capitol Museum.

    Lecompton was established in 1854 and platted on a bluff on the south bank of the Kansas River. It was formerly called “Bald Eagle,” however later changed to Lecompton in honour of Samuel D. Lecompte, was then the chief justice of the territorial Supreme Court.

    In 2010, the City’s population was 586 residents. Since 2000, the population growth was -3.62 percent.

    The median home cost is $77,720. Home appreciation a year ago has been -4.42 percent.

    Compared to the country’s cost of living, Lecompton’s is 24.00% lower than the U.S. average.

    Eudora, Kansas

    Quick Facts

    Population: 4,963 (2003)

    Zip code: 66025

    Where to go: Eudora Riverview Golf Course & Davenport Orchards

    Eudora is a city in Douglas County and the City was termed after the daughter of Paschal Fish, Shawnee who assisted German dwellers obtain here.

    In 2000 census, the City’s per capita income was $18,693 as to nationwide per capita income with $21,587.

    Eudora‘s average commute time is 23 minutes as for country’s 26 minutes.

    Nestled along with rolling hills from the lush river valleys of the Wakarusa (an Indian word means “Hip-deep”) River to the west and north, and the mighty Kaw River to its north, Eudora, Kansas, presents the very best of small-town American life.