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    Cass County Missouri

    Cass County
    is a situated in U.S. state
    of Kansas.
    The county’s population in 2012 was 99,478. The county seat is Harrisonville
    that was named after Hon. A.G. Harrison of Callway.  The county was incorporated in 1835 as “Van
    Buren County and was then named as Cass
    in 1848 in honor
    of Michigan Senator and presidential candidate Lewis Cass.

    The county is rich of heritage and
    opportunity. The goal of Cass
    is to serve the
    citizens and generate a brighter tomorrow for future generations. From large
    scale suburbs to rural hometown cities the County present visitors and guests a
    variety of cultural backdrops. Welcome to Cass
    , Missouri

    Archie, Missouri

    Quick Facts

    Population: 890 – year 2000

    Zip code: 64725

    Where to go: Blackberry Trails Golf
    Course and Our Doll and Craft Cupboard

    Archie is a city in Cass
    , Missouri
    890 inhabitants according to 2000 census.

    The town was established in 1880, being platted in July of the
    year; the town owes its survival to the railroad that was being built through
    the middle of Cass
    . The Archie Town
    Company and R.T. Railey, was then an agent for the Missouri Pacific Railroad,
    sold lots through their trustee, William H. Barett. The railroad
    superintendent, H.C. Talmage, termed the depot and town for his youngest son,
    Archie Talmage.

    A meteorite fell near Archie on August
    10, 1932 that acquired national attention. A fragment of the said meteorite was
    placed on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.
    The name of the meteor is “Archie”.

    Archie host a yearly tractor pull
    in September that is now at its 28th year. Archie also commemorates the longest
    running high school basketball tournament in the state that is almost on its
    80th year.

    Belton, Missouri

    Quick Facts

    Population: 24,802 – year 2000

    Zip code: 64012

    Where to go: Plaza and Hallmark’s Crown
    and Ozark lake

    Belton is a city that belongs in Cass County, Missouri and also a part of the Kansas City metro area. The City has a population of 24,802 according to 2000 census.

    George W. Scott and William H. Colbern bought about 80 acres of land on August 13, 1869 from Kentucky. Scott and Colbern files a plat for the 80 acres in December of 1871 and the new town was called “Belton.”  In 1872, the town was incorporated. The town’s name originated in one of Scott’s close friends, Captain Marcus Lindsey Belt who help Scott survey the land.

    Belton offers a wide variety of activities for families and visitors. The town is located minutes away from the finest social and recreational facilities Kansas City has to offer. Facilities like Kansas City Royal Baseball Club, the Kansas City Chiefs Football team, theaters, ballet, river boats, the well known Plaza and Hallmark’s Crown Center, Bartle Hall and Kemper Arena.  Just two hours away from Belton, you can visit the Ozark lakes region.

    In Belton, you can get pleasure from the charm of a small town and still have all the facilities of the big city just minutes away.


    Harrisonville, Missouri

    Quick Facts

    Population: 10,019

    Zip code: 64701

    Where to go: Lord’s Park, Harrisonville Trap & Skeet

    The City of Harrisonville
    has its beginnings in 1830 as dwellers from Kentucky,
    Virginia and Tennessee moved towards west, attracted by
    the rich farmland and abundant streams and rivers. The portion of Western
    Missouri is known as Van Buren County and soon renamed as Cass County
    in 1849.

    In 1851, Harrisonville was incorporated after the unsuccessful attempt in 1845. The town’s first mayor was S.G. “Squire” Allen H.W. Younger, father of the infamous Cole Younger was voted mayor in 1859. The very first town’s newspaper was The Cass County Gazette by Nathan Millington in 1854 and renamed the Western Democrat in 1856.

    With historic county seat of Cass County, almost 45 minutes south of metro Kansas City, Missouri is popular for successfully preserving its rich history at the same time creating brighter future that embodies development and economic stability.

    Harrisonville is at present has over 400 acres of park land in 11 parks. The city is building a comprehensive master plan for the recreation system and parks.

    Pleasant Hill, Kansas


    Quick Facts

    Population: 5,582(2000)

    Zip code: 64080

    Where to go: Country Creek Golf Club &
    Pleasant Hill Historical Society

    Pleasant Hill witnessed the arrival of the first
    settlers in the area in 1828 and all of Cass County
    and eventually called Van Buren County. In 1844 Pleasant Hill became a village with roughly 40
    inhabitants. The Old
    existed along No. 7
    Highway from the cemetery to Maple

    Pleasant Hills
    draws residents who are looking a peaceful environment in the country with all
    the possible benefits of the city close at hand. City growth has roughly
    doubled in over 30 years with a biggest burst over the last years. Families magnetized
    to the area where a essence of neighborhood exists, offering a firm network of
    support from caring people. Country living and a laid back ambiance also
    invites residents, as rural area scattered with newly constructed homes on
    small acreages.

    community is composed of mostly middle class families and majority is supported
    by two working parents. Manufacturing, public sector, service and agricultural
    sector opportunities offer local jobs for an estimate of 2,000 people. Many of Pleasant Hill’s families
    use the district-managed before and after-school Child Care Program.

    Peculiar, Missouri

    Quick Facts

    Population:  2,604 (2000)

    Zip code: 64078

    Where to go: Homemaker’s
    Gift Shop & Peculiar Thrift Shop

    Peculiar, Missouri is only just a name. The name which
    has outshined its rich and colorful history however this peculiar name has
    somehow set apart persons related with it, making chemistry, within them which
    creates them very significant to each other.

    Robert Cass
    County surveyor surveyed the town of Peculiar into lots,
    blocks and streets in July 29, 1868. This certified plat was registered as “The
    Town of Peculiar”.

    For many years, Peculiar has been Peculiar,
    few old time citizens hating the name, however most being fiercely proud of its
    peculiarity. At one time it was recommended that more tourists should be drawn
    and items such as post cards with a Peculiar postmark, could be sent to their
    families back home. Coffee cups, and souvenir items such as t-shirts and caps
    with printed words “I’ve been to Peculiar.” These items are around today marketing
    Peculiar; however the old items are true treasures.

    Peculiar is diverse from a hundred other
    small towns. Railroads being modified to facilitate increased traffic and
    railroads no longer desired as in the past, small towns were being left behind.
    Today the city evolves and experiencing overcrowding; the suburbs with bigger
    land, trees, better school systems quality, recreational facilities and close
    bind atmosphere; small towns are becoming more tempting and are growing at a
    shocking rate.