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    Selling Your First Home


    The Home Selling Process Are you planning to sell your home? Regardless if this is your first time as a home seller, or maybe you’ve sold many homes, understanding the selling process can assure you that things are going smoothly. Successful transactions don’t just happen; it takes experience and professionals to navigate from staging to closing.

    Who Are The Experts?

    • Real Estate Agent – Before you start, do your homework and find an experienced listing agent in your area.

    • Escrow Officer – Your escrow officer is a neutral 3rd party, they take the terms agreed to by the parties and ensures they are fulfilled properly.


    Timeline For Your Home Sale

    • Meeting With Your Agent – Your agent will tour your home and discuss your market value (including a comparative market analysis), timing and financial goals in order to create a custom plan for selling your home.

    • Preparing Your Home For Sale – Typically even a dated home can be spruced up with small changes in furniture placement, fresh paint,new lighting and/or minor repairs.

    • Listing Your House – Once your home is ready for buyers, you will list your home and your agent will implement their marketing plan.

    • Offers – Once you receive offers, you will meet with your agent to review them together and determine how to respond. • Escrow Process For Sellers – The buyers will complete funding requirements, obtain an appraisal and home inspection. As the seller, you will also complete any conditions you’ve agreed to, such as repairs or termite work.

    • Closing – Once all conditions have been completed, you will close the sale and receive the proceeds. The sales process is a series of steps that you and your agent will take together. Knowing what to expect, and when, can alleviate the uncertainty you might feel as a seller.

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