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is expanding and is currently seeking talented people to join our growing company. We are looking for ambitious candidates for the following roles:

INSIDE SALES ASSOCIATE: Johnson County (see description below)
LISTING SPECIALIST: Kansas City Metro (see description below)



General Job Description

  • Prospect for new clients on a daily basis from various lead sources
  • Respond to inbound leads from all internet lead sources, sign calls, and etc.
  • Schedule appointments for Listing and Buyer Specialists
  • Input/manage client & lead databases
  • Conduct lead follow up & nurture leads until appointments are set

Job Specific Skills & Traits

  • Communicates effectively with peers, superiors, customers, and vendors in written and verbal form.
  • Practices, memorizes, and internalizes scripts.
  • Ability to block out distractions and listen intently to the conversation that is occurring.
  • Creates a sense of comfort and familiarity through their ability to build rapport.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Organized, systematic, and detail-oriented.
  • Results oriented and high achiever.
  • Basic understanding of computers and navigating the Internet.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Career development and training focused.
  • Confident telephone voice

Key Activities & Duties

  • Set weekly goals
  • Track all key business activities.
  • Measure conversion ratios and meet performance benchmarks.
  • Set up an “Ideal Week” that blocks time for activities designed to reach goals.
  • Attend training and establish daily role-play partners.
  • Willing to be held accountable for goals & results.
  • Call past clients and your sphere of influence to ask for referrals.
  • Manage contact database system.
  • Manage 50+ new leads each week & work existing leads to convert into buying/listing appointments.
  • Practice, memorize and internalize scripts at least 1-2 hours /week.
  • Prospect for new clients on a daily basis 1-2 hrs/day.
  • Do 5-10 hours of lead follow-up per week.
  • Make 50 to 100 contacts per week calling on:
    • Expired Listings
    • FSBOs
    • Center of Influence
    • Past Clients
    • Just Listed & Just Solds
    • Open Houses


General Job Description

  • Prospect and conduct outbound lead generation activities for new listing appointments.
  • Quickly respond and convert inbound listing leads into appointments (ie.- sign calls & internet leads).
  • Track all outbound & inbound lead generation activities: from leads-contacts-appointments-contracts.
  • Prepare/Analyze Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) before all listing presentation appointments.
  • Conduct all listing appointments and convert appointments to listing agreements.
  • Conduct price reduction appointments as needed.
  • Communicate and work with administrative listing manager regularly to ensure clients’ needs are met.
  • Present and negotiate all offers to purchase with clients and agents representing buyers until acceptance.

Compensation of Listing Specialists & Managers

Listing specialists are typically compensated on a commission basis to provide incentive to generate appointments, convert appointments to listing agreements, and turn listings into accepted contracts.  The amount of commission often varies depending on whether the team uses an inside sales agent (ISA) to convert leads into appointments for the listing specialist.  When an ISA is employed, listing specialists typically receive around 30% to 35% of the listing side commission.  When the listing specialist generates appointments without an ISA, the commission split is often between 40% and 45%.

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