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How to LIVE in your home while you are selling it!


Selling a home can be one of the most overwhelming experiences you might go through. That is why having the right agent is SO IMPORTANT! Here are 12 tips to help you live in your home…until we get it sold!

  1. Make your beds every day…you mom would be so proud:)
  2. Put the dishes up.
  3. Keep closets and storage areas organized, the larger they appear the better!
  4. If you have cooked something that has a strong scent, make sure to air it out.
  5. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch.
  6. Empty the trash cans before you leave the house.
  7. Run the vacuum
  8. Keep the yard tidy.
  9. If possible, take the pets with you! It helps the possible buyer feel more at ease.
  10. Make sure to leave lights on and shades open, natural light is very inviting and makes your space appear more bright and open.
  11. Remove any really valuable items. Consider taking them to a safety deposit box or storage unit just to be safe.
  12. When life happens, because it always does:) have a large laundry basket you can throw unplaced items in and take in the car with you.

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