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FURRY FRIDAY – 2.26.16 – Meet Roxy!!

Super sweet, loving, intelligent, gorgeous, house trained, leash trained, and happy all the time – hi, that’s me. I’m Roxy, a loyal and true blue gem of a girl. I have so much to offer, and I am currently seeking my forever home and family. Are you looking for a wonderful girl like me? I hope so. But please oh please. I have one simple request. This time, could you be a loving family that will never, ever give me up – no matter what? If you can’t promise me that, please stop reading and forget about adopting me. I don’t want to have to do this again. It is simply too hard to keep loving my families with all my heart and then losing them.
You see, I’ve had two “forever” homes already. My first home was wonderful. Five wonderful and happy years there. It was magical. My mom loved to run for exercise, so we’d run together – miles and miles each and every day. Oh the joy in that! I had toys to play with, treats and bones galore, and my mom always told me that I was such a good girl. A princess. In the evening when it was time for bed, mom and I would end up together snuggling under the covers, and I’d drift off to sleep. Some days were extra fun and exciting when my nieces and nephews would come over to play. I love kids just as much as I love adults. I really have never met a person I didn’t like. Yep, life was good. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better life for myself. But in a blink of an eye, it all ended. I was relinquished to Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue. I didn’t get a say in the matter. But life just happens, you know?

Then I found a home with two little girls of my very own and two parents. I was so happy thinking this was IT. This was where I was always meant to be. Finally, after months and months of waiting patiently, I had snagged my loving, forever family. Oh boy! I was never going to be homeless again. But after 8 months of love and a blissful existence, my world came crashing down again. I heard my parents talking one night. It was something about our new landlord. Dad said that the rental policy had changed, and pets were no longer welcome in the building. Mom and Dad sounded like we would just move, and I would still be with them…still be a part of the family. I was so relieved. I went to sleep happy. Until, in no time at all, I found myself back at Diamonds in the Ruff. Homeless again. I was so confused. I thought we were moving somewhere – together – like family does. They had promised me a forever home. They knew all about my first family letting me go. And they had promised to keep me and protect me and never ever let that happen to me. But in the end, they broke their promise. In the end, I was disposable. So I am once again homeless.

I cannot let this defeat me. I know you are out there. I know you will love me with all your heart. You won’t let me go. I am chock full of life, and I have so many talents. Since I’m super smart, I could learn so much more if you are willing to work with me and teach me. I already know how to “sit”, and I can do a “down”. I can even “roll over”. I’m quite good on leash, too. I consider myself a low maintenance type of gal with a positive attitude. Yes I got the rug pulled out from underneath me twice when I lost the only two homes I had ever known. But I am still smiling, and I’m eager to please because I just know my next family will truly be forever, for all future time, for always. Could that be you?

I am now at Diamonds in the Ruff, trying so hard to get people to notice me and find someone to fall in love with me and take me home to my truly forever home. Do you want your very own princess, Princess Roxy? That sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? I am willing to be your princess or your queen – just so long as I have you in my life, I’ll be a happy and devoted girl.

Please watch my video so you can see me in action. Share it with your friends if you cannot adopt me yourself. Just picture yourself in the video with me. We could play, go running together and cuddle to our heart’s content. I will adore you. Everyone needs a special someone. I want very much to be your special someone. I will be a devoted companion and friend to you.

Please contact Judy at Diamonds in the Ruff at or to meet me! Diamonds in the Ruff has been very good to me while I’m looking for a home, but I long to be a member of a family again – a FOREVER FAMILY. Could I be your special girl? I’m crossing my paws.

With all my love and devotion,
Roxy xoxo

Provided by: Great Plains SPCA

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