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FURRY FRIDAY – 11.13.15 – Meet Boomer !!

11_13_15Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself, I am Boomer, a Pit Bull Mix with a heart of gold and I am three years old. I am not only handsome but I am smart, loyal, easygoing, and compassionate. I love everyone I meet and would be a great companion for almost anyone.I used to have my own family but the family fell apart and that left me without the love I was so accustomed to. Because no one had the time to be with me any longer, I was alone. Fortunately though my owner was smart enough to call my now best friend who said “I’ll take this handsome boy; he can stay with me until I find him a new home.” So here I am living in a Shelter with some other friends that need a home but we are happy that we still have people that love us and care enough to make certain we have that second chance we all deserve.
I do want to tell you though, that sometimes I don’t always get along with other dogs, so my ideal home would probably be as an only animal since I am not sure about my reaction to cats either. You know how prissy cats can be and they may just want your hugs and kisses, and I want them all for myself.

I also need to let you know that I sometimes am afraid of storms, so I will want someone to hold me and tell me I will be okay. I am a brave boy so I will learn not to be afraid but I hope that you will be patient with me when I am scared and help me overcome that fear. I promise it won’t take me long when I get to my own home. I just need someone to love me and a home to keep me safe.

I love to go for walks and although I am a strong boy, I do exceptionally well on my leash. I may pull a little at first but that is only until I get to the fire hydrant, then it is easygoing the rest of the way.

Well, I hope that what you have read will interest you and you will want to come visit me. I am located in Belton and you can call me at 816-331-4364 or e-mail me at or I would so love to hear from you and when you come out I may even have my P.J’s and toothbrush hooked to my collar; just in case.

Hugs and Kisses.

Love, Boomer

***Courtesy post for Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue. Contact Judy at***

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